Unorthodox radio

stream our debut Album "broadcasting"

Our debut album, whose title and concept is inspired by a radio show, has been released on June 7th 2024. "Broadcasting" includes eight original songs that showcast the band's genre-defying sound and the member's musical diversity. The album takes its listeners on a musical journey - from Drum & Bass grooves to string quartett arrangements, "Broadcasting" keeps surprising music enthusiasts in the best way.

Holy - Music video

Our second single, 'Holy', explores a couple's deep and sacred love, with lyrics that playfully acknowledge the singer's lack of religious beliefs. The music video is inspired by the red string theory, which suggests that people who are destined to be together are connected by an invisible red string tied around their fingers. Both the red string theory and 'Holy’ explore the idea of a special and unbreakable bond that transcends ordinary relationships.

Stream our debut single "doubts"

How to stop doubting yourself? That is the central question of our debut single. These irresolute feelings are also set to music: Poppy melodies are provided with unusual harmonies, which gives the song a mysterious touch. But ultimately, these doubts are triumphantly overcome with the help of rousing drum grooves, a captivating guitar solo and a catchy hook that invites you to sing and dance along.


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